Do you Flirt without knowing it?

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Some of us flirt. Some of us don't. Some flirt a lot. Some flirt a little. Flirting is dangerous! Flirting is fun. Flirting is fearful. Flirting is fine.

Let's face it: flirting can be complicated. It's a strong "emotional" switch in the human head, and often has lots of consequences. Whether you're a guy or a girl!

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  1. Are you often "pursued" by "prospects" you didn't even consider as prospects? Do you often get called or asked out by surprise?
  2. Do certain people in your life claim that you act or dress in a "suggestive" manner?
  3. When a cute dating "prospect" looks at you, you...
  4. Do you have "friends" you feel romantically conflicted about?
  5. Do you kiss "goodnight" on a first date, even if you don't really want to?
  6. When you're attracted to someone, do you...
  7. Are you shy but popular?
  8. Do dates often get pushy with you?
  9. What part would you like best in a play?
  10. For a job interview, how would you dress?
  11. If you were a big statue in the middle of a park, what would you want to be made of?

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Quiz topic: Do I Flirt without knowing it?