How do you treat your enemy?

You may have an enemy, everyone does. But everone has a different way of treating their enemies. Like kind, or mean, or they rather ignore them. It all depends on how we feel about this enemy.

But how do you feel about your enemy? How do you treat them? Nice and kind, mean, normally, or do you ignore them? Take this quiz and find out! Have fun!

Created by: Kimberley
  1. If your enemy walks up to you, how's the way you speak?
  2. It's lunchtime when your enemy suddenly comes up to you to sit next to you. You...
  3. What does he/she calls you? (or what comes close to it?)
  4. Do you two ever get in fights?
  5. Imagine you got in a fight with him/her. The next day you...
  6. If your stuck with this person in the same room, you would...
  7. What happens if you think about this person?
  8. What do you feel when this person is near?
  9. You have to sit next to him/her. You...
  10. You usually (fill in)
  11. How do you greet them?
  12. Would you ever want to be friends with this person?
  13. You wish...
  14. You could...
  15. Would you have revenge on this person?
  16. What's your face like when you see him/her?
  17. Which of the following sentences would you say to your enemy?
  18. If you could kill this person, how would you do it?
  19. Do you spend time with this person a lot?

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Quiz topic: How do I treat my enemy?