Are you Friendly or Enemy?

Friendly, Enemy? FrienEmy? Hello! So, this is the first quiz I made and I thank you for you are about to take this quiz to let you know your attitude!

Do you like friendship? I do, too! But I mess up sometimes but it's never too late to apologize! Want to know? After this, you'll know! Weeeee! See ya at the end, have a nice trip! I mean, quiz!

Created by: Arimasi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like hanging out with friends?
  2. Do you like rumours, gossips, and lies?
  3. Do you like bullying, depression, or hurting others?
  4. How do you greet in school or work?
  5. Do you like calling names to who you hate?
  6. Do you comfort the sad people by saying:
  7. Are you bored reading this question?
  8. Do you remember all your friends' birthday?
  9. Second to the last question: If you were trolled, would you:
  10. Last Question: Do you love friendship?

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Quiz topic: Am I Friendly or Enemy?