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  • I got a little crush.... This helped me :D I am trying to do all the quizzes like this (well not all of them but some of them) because today in health, he asked me what the history homework was. (I'm a student worker in that period and he actually has the class. One of my best friends is also a student worker there. It was 5th period and I have history 7th and he has it 6th (I never do my homework XD)) anyways, I don't have that period with him but my best friend does and now that I think about, he looks at me sometimes and also smiles at me. There are 2 problems. One: I don't know of he likes me or not. And two: he broke up with his girlfriend I think about 1 or 2 weeks ago.

  • OMG! My crushes name is Layne and one day we had to do work sheets in Social Studies and we weren't allowed to talk but he gave me ALL the answers for one of the worksheets! Also he asked me "which do you like better, stickers or kit Kat? I say "kit Kat" and he gave me a kit Kat ! I asked him out in a note at the very end of the day but he wasn't here the next day so now I have to wait till spring break is over to get my answer!

  • A little crush,that's ok,considering I'm in middle school,lol! His name is Holden,he's so cute!


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