Does he REALLY like you? ( accurate)

PLEASE READ THIS: This quiz is geared towards people in middle school but you can take it if you are older. Also please read next paragraph to find out more.

You know how a lot of Does he like you quizzes ask you of you have things in common? Well that doesn't mean he likes you. This quiz is more based on the basic signs of crushing- and maybe a shy guy that may like you.

Created by: chocolatelover

  1. Does he look at you a lot...
  2. Do he blush or smile when you are around?
  3. Do you guys talk?
  4. Does he try to join teams or groups you are in? Ex. Joining you wiffle ball game during gym
  5. How do his friends act around you?
  6. Does he try to touch you, or accidently bump into you?
  7. Is he sometimes extra kind to you? Ex. whispering you the answer during math class
  8. Are you of similar social status?
  9. Does he smile/laugh at your jokes that may or may not be funny?
  10. Did you like this quiz? no effect

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