Does he like you? (girls only quiz)

Does he like you? Or does he like someone else? Does he wanna get with you, or is he just not interested? Find out with the Does he like you? quiz. Top secret for girls! No boys allowed! Find out if you two are just friends, or more.....

Do you like him and does he like you? Are you ready to find out if this special someone is more than friends with you? I hope you are. Find out with this special quiz to see if you and him are really meant to be, or just friends.

Created by: Piegrl123
  1. Have you ever secretly seen him shoot a look at you?
  2. Has he ever held hands with you?
  3. Do you ever hear him talk with his friends about you?
  4. Has one of his friends ever came over to you and asked if you liked him for "research"?
  5. Do you have a lot in common?
  6. Do you appeal to him? Or at least, do you think you appeal to him?
  7. Is he constantly talking about you?
  8. Does he hang with you, or does he do his thing?
  9. Has he ever said he wants to marry you one day?
  10. Does he ditch class to come and see you?
  11. Has he ever stood up for you in class for something you did to get in trouble for?

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