Does he like you?

" they are many young girls who are wondering if a boy likes them or not. Boys are the same way. Us creatures are smart by we are also confused at times. And some times we know exactly what we want."

If you want to know if your crush likes you then take this quiz but if you don't then your ok, if you don't think someone has a crush on you.Take this quiz and get your answers ,answerd.

Created by: RaeRae

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  1. Does he hug you alot and even by your waist?
  2. Does he try talking to u allot or approach you?
  3. Does he try meeting up with you, or try to walk with you?
  4. Does he gaze at your eyes, and keep good eye contact?
  5. Does he smile alot around you?
  6. Do you catch him staring at you then acts like he didn't see u there?
  7. Does he brag about you little or try to flirt alittle with you?
  8. When you two are alone , and not in crowds at school, does he be touchy with you?
  9. Is he nice to u?
  10. Do u think he likes you?
  11. Ok, last question did he almost kiss you
  12. Ok, last question did he almost kiss you

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