Does He Like You?

This quiz is about trying to find your man. To see if he loves you. Or if he hates you. Or even if your in between. If you are already going out with your man then this quiz is not for you. But if you need to know if he likes you then come on down!

Are you trying to find out if your crush is the one for you? Well if you are then check out this quiz. Hope you score high love you and merry Christmas, Happy New year and Happy Holidays!!!

Created by: Danielle
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  1. Do you think he likes you?
  2. Does he look at you a lot?
  3. Does he stare at your butt?
  4. Do you like him?
  5. Does he try to get close to you?
  6. Does he try to grab or touch your butt?
  7. Does he pass you love notes?
  8. Does he talk to you a lot?
  9. Does he have your number?
  10. Does he look like he wants to go out with you?
  11. Does he like your friend?
  12. If you and your friend liked him what would you do?
  13. Do you love him?
  14. Do you have dreams about him?
  15. Do you ever flirt with him?
  16. Do you both like the same color?
  17. Does he love you?
  18. Does he call you emo or gothic?
  19. Does he tease you a lot?
  20. Do you and him like black?
  21. Doe he think your weird?

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