Does You're BF Love You?

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There are many types of guys, jocks, player, cuties, etc. But some of them you have to steer clear of. Is your boyfriend a player? Does he truly love you? Or are you a drive-by? Find out!

Maybe your boyfriend hates you, likes, you, loves you, or just really likes your body. Trust me! Take my Advice and hurry! Take the quiz! And you will not be disappointed!

Created by: Emma
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Love Him??
  2. Does He Text/Call You Alot?
  3. Have You Guys Ever Gone On A Date- out Of School??
  4. Have You Guys Ever Kissed?
  5. Do You Think You're Pretty?
  6. Do You Guys Hug/Kiss Show Any Affection Towards Each other When You Meet?
  7. On A Scale Of 1-6- 1 being a NOBODY and 6 being POPULAR- How Popular Are you?
  8. Describe Your Personality--
  9. Do You Get Butterflies When You See Him?
  10. Do You Think You Will Trust These Results? And Accept Any Advice I Give you? BTW My Name Is Emma, I'm a 7th Grader and I've had My Boyfriend, Drew, For 2 years. You Should Take my Advice.

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