does he like me

Hey have your friends tell u that u give good advice or are u a player whos a guy well take my quiz i need help with a situation with a player guy if he is one even.

Lol the first paragraph sounded like a persuasive whatever... so take the quiz i need to know before school starts again oh yea i forgot to mention in school im known to stalk my older crush but in 7th grade there will be a new me XD wanna clear that name

Created by: Regular_Catz

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  1. i like a guy its kinda been a while i liked him so yea ready to start?! (no effect)
  2. This guy is a player just so u know well that what i kinda think i dunno well most guys in my school r players sad i know (no effect)
  3. This guy knows i like him when my friend told him he said he had a gf (while back though) Is that a maybe
  4. well whenever i catch him looking he smiles back at me does that mean any thing?
  5. he called me cool before but my friend said he says that to everyone so u think its true?
  6. i had to sit next to him in lunch and i was stiff as a stone cause i didn't want to embarass myself in front of him my friends saw me and smiled he noticed and playfully hit me on the back and said it alright smiling good or bad?
  7. (so sorry for republicans i was stupid i know) ... okay well i said a stupid thing -.-' hehe well we were in a group w/other ppl talking about politics and i said that i hate republicans then he told me he is one (omg i wanted to die) and i then said "well only some republicans" still a chance? he was anyways cool hes super laid back like me ^.^
  8. the last dance (not long ago a few months) my friend asked him out 4 me he said no cause he had a gf again A slow dance came on and i was walking around desperately hoping someone would ask me (i know its sad) then i saw him slow dancing w/his gf he saw me and looked at me i just looked at him and i think my facial expression was a small smile (meaning happy 4u) do u think that made him like feel pity on me he wasn't smiling and i didn't see his reaction i just continued walking
  9. (okay at this time i liked his best guy friend) so i was pretty obsessed and looked at his friend ALOT and in cafeteria i looked at him alot and almost same place he was sitting so i noticed him looking at me (either cause his friend or he looks at me alot which he kinda does or he thinks im looking at him) u think he likes me?
  10. So he was in wrestling and i was at a home game and i came so i could watch and to talk to my friends after wrestling was over my friend saw him talking to a guy on the wrestling team and pointing in my direction so he might of talked about me
  11. he looks at my place at the table in science alot and smiles at me alot hes not really shy at all (my cousin invited him to his birthday party i was there to and someone took my spot and they wouldn't move so i pushed them off it was a mucho kind of guy XD showed him my strength lol) so mean anything not really talking about whats in the parenthesis if u want
  12. (last question) will u give me advice i suck at figuring out my problems 0-o baii (wont have a effect)
  13. oh ya forgot im known to be a stalker in school cause of his friend i used to like even though i am not a stalker so will i still have a chance

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