Teenage Love Story

Here's the sitch. You are in a huge mansion with five super adorable guys. You're here for a month, and at the end of the month you'll pick which one you want to date. Sweet, right? Well, it gets complicated...

See these five guys aren't the only guys that like you, because let's face it, you're a hottie. Anyway, here's the five guys. There's Bryan: the cute football player. Zac: the super delicious french horn player. Derrington: the hot trombone player. Brent: The adorable funny guy. And gunther: the attractive quiet genius. Who will be your prince charming?

Created by: rebekahgilman

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  1. (read the description first) It's the first day at the mansion. You wake up and walk downstairs for breakfast. The boys are all eating breakfast already. Bryan is just wearing boxers eating eggs and bacon, Zac is completely dressed eating cereal. Derrington is in shorts and a tank top eating waffles, Brent is in plaid PJ bottoms and an old t-shirt eating cold pizza. And Gunther is in sweats and a hoodie eating oatmeal.
  2. You finish eating breakfast and Bryan is talking to you. He asks if you would like to go to the park with him, he's playing a football game and needs a cheerleader. You agree, though you have no idea how to cheerlead. You head up to your room and decide to change into a blue pleated skirt, a white tee-shirt with a blue aero hoodie, and put your hair into a high ponytail. You lace up your sneakers and grab your lipgloss. You walk out the door and gunther tells you you look nice and that he'd like to talk to you real quick.
  3. Gunther pulls you aside and whipsers in your ear " I just wanted to be the first to do this" He pulls you closer to him gently and kisses you. You feel like you're going to faint, andcan feel your face blushing. He smiles at you and gives you a hug.
  4. You and Bryan walk to the park together, he holds your hands (which are REALLY soft!) You get to the park and you cheer on Bryan during his football game. He scores two touchdowns and get an interception! You give him a hug after the game. You two are walking through the park and sit down on a park bench. He tells you that he's gald you came to cheer on the game, and he couldn't have scored two touchdowns without you. You giggle, and he leans in and kisses you.
  5. You two get back to the house and Brent asks if you want to go out for lunch. You agree and change out of our cheerleading outfit. When Brent sees you, he whistles, and says, "Hey girl I got my library card and I am checking you out!"
  6. Brent takes you out to Cici's Pizza, and he makes you laugh so hard you almost cried! You leave and you're walking home when he tells you he wants to show you something
  7. He shows you a pond that has lilly pads and flowers all over. It's one of the prettiest things you've ever seen. "This is our spot" he whispers in your ear, then he kisses you
  8. You get back to the house and go up to your bedroom. As you're walking up, you hear a duet. You follow the sound and see Zac and Derrington practing the french horn and trombone. "Oh, __________, there you are" Derrington says, "We were wondering if you wanted to go to our concert tonight?" You agree and Derrington says he has to go take a shower and leaves. You and Zac are sitting in his room, and he plays his solo for you. You applaud and he blushes.
  9. You and Zac are sitting in his room taking and he's showing you his iPod, you put on "When you look me in the eyes" by the Jonas Brothers. He smiles, "This is our song" You giggle, then he leans in and kisses you. And lemme tell you, THIS GUY CAN KISS!
  10. You get ready for the concert, and put on a flowered skirt, a purple tank top with a black shawl over it. Zac and Derrington with think you look beautiful. The concert was amazing, and Zac and Derrington both had solos, and a duet together. After the concert you go with Derrington as he puts his instrument away. He pulls you into a back corner and kisses you. "I've been wanting to do that all day" he says
  11. You're all leaving the concert when two strange guys randomly pop out of nowhere. They start yelling at Derrington and Zac, saying that they're not good enough for you
  12. Come back for part 2! Who do you love?

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