Does he like/love you?

So sorry if this test is not accurate. I'm young. If you know he likes/loves and it said he hates you, no rude comments please. I would be very happy if this test is accurate to all.

Is this boy your dream guy? Or is he just a boy YOU hate? Find out weather or not he likes/loves you! If he OBESSES over you and you hate him, ouch. Dream guy and hates you, ouch. But if it this quiz works out with your thoughts, yay!

Created by: Kyodai
  1. Does he spend time with you a lot?
  2. Does he always get near you or at least try?
  3. You guys have...
  4. Has he given you a present before?
  5. Does he look at you in a weird way?
  6. What is his personality around you?
  7. Have you seen him before, trying to look his best when getting around you?
  8. Does he blush around you?
  9. Has he tried to be smart near you?
  10. Think way far back. What did he do when you guys first met?

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