Does your pet love you

Some pets are like I wish I have a new onwer and some are like thank god I have this awesome owner! Your pet loves you or probably hates you!find out in this quiz!!

Do you ever wonder if your pet even likes you? Find out in this quiz,does you pet like you?if it does,nice job!if it doesn't,try a bit harder in order to succeed!

Created by: Allisson
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  1. Does your pet run away after you come close to it?
  2. Does you pet let you touch\pet it
  3. Does your pet let you carry it?
  4. Does you pet let you dress it
  5. Does your pet bite your ankles
  6. Does your pet lick your nose
  7. Does your pet follow you around
  8. Do you hit your pet?be honest no one will look!
  9. Does your pet wag its tail when your around
  10. Does your pet sleep on your knees

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Quiz topic: Does my pet love you