What pet is the right one for you?

There are so many pets in the world. I've narrowed it down to 5 awesome pets. Now since I've created this quiz you'll find out what pet matches your personality and lifestyle the best.

Do YOU know what pet is most suitable for you? Do YOU want to stop looking for the pet of your dreams? Do YOU want to end the mystery? You wouldn't know until... YOU take this awesome quiz that tells you the answer. So what do you say?

Created by: Andrea

  1. What do you do during the day?
  2. What type of personality do you have?
  3. Where would you rather live?
  4. What pet are you absolutely in love with?
  5. Near the end of the day you are...
  6. For a party you...
  7. What would your reaction be to your pet misbehaving?
  8. Do you like...
  9. With your pet you want to...
  10. Are you allergic to any of these pets: Dog,Cat,Fish,Rodent or Parrot?

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