Which pet do you prefer?

There are many adorable pets out there. In this quiz I will try to match them up with your personality. I probably won't always be right, but you can try anyway to see the variety of ending answers and see which pet matches you the best.

Do you love animals and want to find out which is your companion? This quiz may reveal a little more about that. I may not be right on your personality, but I matched personalities that I thought matched that specific animal. Have fun!

Created by: J
  1. Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
  2. Are you laid back and carefree or funny and jolly?
  3. Are you cautious and anxious or are you a dreamer?
  4. Do you like giving a big presentation?
  5. Do you like hanging out at home alone?
  6. Are you often shy or self-conscious of your looks?
  7. Do you often get in trouble at school?
  8. Do you like to read a book or choose to Skype?
  9. Do you like to go shopping at a mall with tons of people?
  10. When school is out, do you spend your summer with friends or at home watching Netflix?

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Quiz topic: Which pet do I prefer?