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  • um...right

    you said he likes me and he knows i like him. WRONG.

    this is the first i liked him,but he was already with this other girl.i told my friends.then 1 of my friends told another friend.i didnt mind much coz we where friends but still. then my stupid sister went and told his friends sister . his friends sis told his friend and his friend told he knows right? but as i said before hes dating another girl and since he learnt that, he doesnt even talk to me any more. this other time i almost bumped into him(completely by mistake)and when i said sorry he just walked off!!! my friends tell me to leave him but i cant.this is sad right?

    hello guys
    • Yh. I'm really sorry about that

  • Your Result: He likes u/knows u like him 85%

    He likes you! Yippe! He also knows that you like him! You know what this means??? If this is true a date is just around the corner! You are SO lucky! I wish i was you right now!

    This might be right I guess. When Im talking to one of my friends and hes there, she always says that we like each other and should date even though I never admit it. Does he like me? Does he know I like him? OMG I just wanna for run. (Sorry if that was weird...)

  • haha i took the quiz when my boyfriend was my crush, and it said that he liked me/ didn't know i liked him, so one day i knew he liked me so i got one of our friends to ask him out for me and he thought that i wouldn't say that so another of our friends came up and asked me and i said i did wanna go out with him:D and i went up to him & we hugged:3

    so i asked him out cuz i knew he was to shy to ask me! 10/10 for this quiz(:

  • LUV IT!

    I'm crying tho bc I asked him ovr gmail if we cud start dating, and he still hasn't responded.

    Of course, he barely check his gmail, so that's understandable...

  • he likez me but doesnt know i like him! o.o my friend told me he likez me. even tho he didnt say it..well heres the story DONT READ IF U DONT WANNA HEAR A BUNCH OF WORDS! Ok so we were in line i was in the back and my bff was in the front and so was the guy..he skipped her and she told him to skip her again if he likes brooke(me) then he went behind her and skipped her again then told her to shut up! she told me this! and he always stairs at me..but so does his best friend..but its creepy..hg... we hate eachother on the outside :D i like the people that are my enemys wow..happened in 4th grade stupid kevin!

  • luved your quiz. i really don't like him any more though. he started dating this other girl so yeah... but not cause he liked her cause he hates her (i know why he's dating her 2)

  • If my result is true I'm gonna scream!! =D

  • I hope this is true... ;)

    Rachel Weasley

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