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  • This guy has been my closest friend since last year and I guess I started liking him... when my other 'friends' found out they told him and it ruined our friendship completely. Now as we're trying to fill in the holes, one of the girls who ruined it admitted to me she likes him and I'm pretty much bangin my head against the wall. NICE QUIZ :)

  • cool this guy i like just started teasing and playing with my sis alot recently except i like him so im wondering if he likes her. i got he might like us both as friends.

  • It's ok he'll notice u any time of these and if he doesn't then find someone else I like yur quiz and yur shirt

  • I love your shirt!

  • yippee he loves me i am so happy ..........well he told me that he dont like her n he also send me sgins that he like me .........i love u pulkit singhal...

    from bhavyanshi ahuja

    bhavyanshi ahuja

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