Does He Like Me?

Everyone wonders if they are perfect for their crush. Do You? If you take this quiz you will see what is important in a good and healthy relationship!

This quiz will ask you questions about your current relationship and everything in between, so Take this quiz and see what your relationship can be, or if it will work out in the end!

Created by: Bella

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you known this person?
  2. Is this person Easy to Talk To About anything?
  3. How would you catagorize your relationship with this person?
  4. Has this personever called you beautiful?
  5. Does this person know a lot about you?
  6. Has Anyone Ever Said that You Two Should "Go Out"?
  7. Has this person ever made fun of you?
  8. Have You and this person ever fought?
  9. Has This person ever flirted with you?
  10. Could You ever imagine this person as your husband?

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