How healthy are you-by Mohannad

There are many healthy people in this world but not healthy on everything,if you're healthy on everything it means that you rarely use Internet and your entertainment is exercising and playing mental games,also eating healthy like our ancestors before electricity

Do you think you have what it is to be 100% healthy,why don't you take this quiz to prove you're healthy,but if you failed,why don't you make yourself healthier and test yourself later

Created by: Mohannad
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which shape are you?
  2. How many times a day do you eat/drink unhealthy food/drink?
  3. What would you rather eat?
  4. Which sport would you rather do?
  5. How many minutes a day are you on the Internet?
  6. Do you smoke or drink alcohol?
  7. How many hours do you sleep?
  8. How many glasses of water do you drink a day?
  9. What is the percentage of your vitamin D?
  10. Last question,how many family members do you have that smoke?

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Quiz topic: How healthy am I-by Mohannad