are you a good bf?

(GUYS ONLY)how good of a bf are you truly? have you not realized that being in a relationship and all, it kinda matters if your good or not??? what do you think of yourself?

find out just what you should be doing to keep a healthy relationship with the girl u love! thanks to this quiz, you and your gf could be happier than ever in the next couple of days!

Created by: buggy

  1. what do you do when you see her?
  2. have you kissed her yettttt???
  3. how well do you know her?
  4. how would you describe your relationship?
  5. if you know your gf so well, what is her favorite food and drink?
  6. what about her favorite color? does she wear that color of clothing often?
  7. have you been to her house yet?
  8. what do you do when yall are alone together in a dark room?
  9. quick! what would you do if your dog and your gf where about to die and you could only save one?
  10. last question:if you found out she was cheating on you, what would you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good bf?