Story of Interest Part 3! (FINAL!)

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Okay the end is here! I just realized no one takes my quizzes. Well I'm just gonna hang out here in the description.

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  1. You wake up in a small room. Chase is in another room. There's a two way mirror (or whatever it's called) so you can see him, but he can't see you.
  2. You see him crying (aww!). You wave to him, finally realizing what kind of mirror it is. Then, an emo-looking guy walks in. (NOT Rodrick)
  3. "Come with me." He says, (you have no choice) as he wraps his arm around you and leads you down a dark hallway.
  4. You leave through double doors. He leads you down the street as it starts to rain. His sleek, black hair and purple eyes sparkel.
  5. As he leads you through the rain, he gets closer and closer to you. You start to lean in a little too, and you like it. "Zandra." He says. You look up at him and say "Yeah?" He stops walking and grabs you by the shoulders and kisses you.
  6. Someone grabs your shoulder and spins you around, only to slap you. It's Chase, as he says "You don't like me? YOU HATE ME?" with tears running down his cheeks.
  7. You stare at him, not knowing what to do. In a flash, Rodrick, Mason, and Jack tackle him before he punches you. "Run!" they all yell. You run as fast as you can through the city. For some reason, no one is out. Empty cars fill the streets. A playground swing is still swinging. You keep running as a hand grabs your shoulder... it's Jack.
  8. He squeezes your shoulder and whispers "Don't trust ANYTHING Mason says. Okay?" as he kisses your neck.
  9. "Stop. I... can't. I love ___." you say. "But I never will trust Mason, anyways." he stops and looks you in the eye. "You shouldn't have said that." he says with a devilish look in his eye.
  10. You get a little scared as he squeezes your shoulders. "I swear I love you. Chase doesn't. Rodrick doesn't. Mason DEFINITELY doesn't. I. Love. You." He says before you're swept off you feet by Christopher. (The guy from earlier with sleek black hair.... :3)
  11. Christopher glares at Jack and his... uh... kiss marks he left on you. (X3 X3 -me-oh shuddup.) "No. I just don't understand how anyone can lie." he said, as you notice his eyes are now green (weren't they purple? -me- yeah he's a meddler. {magical hawt human like creature from a book series)
  12. "What?" You say, looking into his sparkeling green eyes. "I can't lie. It's like a curse or something. I just don't understand how you could lie about true love." He says. Jack is super mad but he walks off. You and Christopher make your way to his apartment.
  13. When you get in, you realize Christopher lives alone. You also realize this all started on a regular school day. "Zandra. I already told you it's impossible for me to lie, so I just wanna tell you... I love you." he says as he kisses you, full on lips (and tongue)
  14. You keep on kissing until someone walks through the door. It's Chase. He still has tear marks on his face. The moment he sees you tears roll but he just turns and goes upstairs. Christopher kisses you on the neck, careful not to make marks. You close your eyes and enjoy the kissing as his lips wade back up to your mouth (btw his kissing is like SOOO good. IRRESISTIBLE!). You hear the door open and Jack start talking but then a shhhhhhh. Then you hear footsteps as Jack and who you assume is Mason.
  15. You wake up in a small, comfy room. Christopher is in bed next to you, happily asleep. You carefully get up, realizing you're wearing VERY short shorts and a tube top so small it's basically a non-useful bra. (srry it's so... descriptive)
  16. You wander to the kitchen where Jack, Chase, and Rodrick are having breakfast. Chase glares at you and walks to the living room. Jack looks you up and down in surprise, as if thinking 'You were NOT wearing THAT last night! *whistle*' and you blush. You walk back into the bedroom Christopher was in and find some jeans and a tank top. 'Better than this get-up' you think as you change.
  17. You sit on the bed, thinking about the past few days. After about 30 minutes Christopher wakes up and says "I told you I don't lie. Please. Meet me at the park in 20 minutes. Don't bring anyone." he says as he goes to get dressed.
  18. After 10 minutes you decide to start walking towards the park. When you get there, Christopher is waiting under a giant oak tree. He is sitting on the ground, looking down at his hands. When he sees you, his eyes go purple again. "Zandra!" He says as he caresses your blonde hair. "I need to tell you. The other guys, they like you. Not more than me. Not at all. I... I love you Zandra. I just don't want anyone to touch you. You're mine now. I don't care what they say, you're mine." he said with blue eyes. They were incredibly blue, staring into your eyes. All at once, he grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you in for a kiss. You let him kiss you. But, you know that someone is watching. It's Jack. He walks up behind Christopher, holding a bouquet of flowers. He lets them drop to the ground, as a single tear goes down his face. He simply gets down on his knees, appearing to be in so much pain. He says through the tears "But.. I loved you since I met you." Your eyes widen and you push Christopher away. He questioningly looks at you and with a tear in each eye (of sadness for Jack) you point to Jack, crying on the ground, picking up the glass from the shattered vase.
  19. You go towards Jack to comfort him, only for him to throw a shard of glass at you. It whizzes by your face. You glare at him whispering "Sticks and stones won't break my bones but you're words always hurt me. Even if you didn't say anything!" with tears running down your face. Christopher grabs your shoulder but you brush it away. Running, you head back to Christopher's apartment.
  20. You run in, tears streaked across your face. You sit on the couch, the nearest open space. Rodrick puts his arm around you. You...
  21. "Fine. Just don't come to me when Christopher leaves." Rodrick says. "What?" You say. "Christopher fell in love with a girl once. She ignored him for barely a day, and he ran. He went away for a whole year. He came back on their anniversary. He burned every picture of them." Rodrick replies. You shake away from him and (Continued Q23!)
  22. You run to your and Christopher's room. You jump onto the bed and hug his pillow. You question everything. Maybe you should run. Away. From every single problem you have. Just simply run. You also think 'If I'm dead they'll forget me. Everyone will.' as you pull out a knife, Jack bursts through the door.
  23. Jack runs up to you. Before you can say anything, he kisses you. You love it. He grabs you and hugs you tightly, kissing you harder. 'I can't keep on with this life. I've gotta choose.' you think. Christopher runs through the door, covered in bruises. "I told you I don't lie. I AM GONNA KILL YOU JACK!" He yells.
  24. After Christopher is separated from Jack, they (and you) all meet in the living room. "Zandra, you know we're all in love with you," Mason starts. "But you have to choose one of us." Chase says. "So," Rodrick says. "Who is it gonna be?" Jack and Christopher interrupt. ((Choose one each is a +6))

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