Make it a Dream

Soooooooooooo i think i might try to do a story kinda thing. got my inspiration from the Don't Leave me Hanging quizs. So, pardon all of my mistakes. i havent quite figured this all out yet. :/ But im trying and i'll get better.

So, in this one you meet a few guys, pass out a couple times, and you know... normal things? nah, jk. nothing normal for you anymore. Ready for an adventure?

Created by: _ Jade _

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  1. A paper airplane lands on your desk and you look around class. Your eyes slowly settle on Michael whose crooked smile and glittering blue eyes tell you the note is for you. You look down and open it to read: "We hangin' out tonight?". you Shake your head in disbelief. He's your best friend, and sometimes his weirdness still shocks you.
  2. The class bell then rings releasing students into the hall and to their homes. You shoot a glare at Michael, "You couldn't of waited 2 minutes for bell?" "Of course not! I wanted to know then!" He laughed. "Right." you nod, "should of known." He shrugged, "So are we, or not?" "Duh Michael." you look up from the papers you were putting together to see a boy with black hair and intense green eyes looking at you, you freeze under his gaze. The guy stands up and walks towards you then passes by into the hall. "That was weird.." Micheal notes. "Yeah." you nod slowly.
  3. "So where are we gonna go?" Michael asks you bringing you back from your thoughts. "oh, uhmm, how about Riot?" you ask, its an all ages club right outside of town. Michael nods with a smile, "Sounds great. Pick you up at 9?" You smile feeling normal agian, "Yeah, see ya." You say leaving the school and walking home. You were getting out your phone to reply to a text from your mom then everything went black...
  4. When you wake up you notice Matthew standing over you his hazel eyes full of worry, "Uhmm, are you ok?" he asks softly, his dark brown hair covering some of his face. "Yeah, i guess... What happened?" "I don't know." he shrugs, "I was heading home and found you lying out here. Looks like you fainted." you sit up and a head ache rushes through you, "oh... wow... smooth." you mutter to yourself. "How long have i been out?" "I don't know, i just got here a few minutes before you woke up... Need help getting home?" he asks you.
  5. You and matthew wakl home in awkward silence. "Where do you live?" you ask him. "Across from you." You look at him, "really?" You ask. "Yeah, i have for the last three weeks." "oh, sorry. I didnt know anyone lived there." you admit. "That;s okay." he says then is quiet again. "Have A name?" You ask. "Matthew. you?" "________" you answer. Then it's quiet again.
  6. You stop infront of your house and smile at Matthew, "Thanks for walking me." He just nods then hurries off to his house without looking back. You watch him a little confused. You then walk into your own house and find no one is home. You shrug and go up to your room and flop on the bed quickly falling asleep. You slowly open your eyes and look at the clock. It's already 7:30. You groan, "S***" You get out of bed and jump in the shower knowing michael was just going to have to wait for her. After you shower you get dressed in a pair of Red Skinny Jeans and a black and white lace shirt. You throw your hair in a pony tail and nod at your reflection. When you get downstairs Michael is on the couch and its already 8:15. "Sorry, i fell asleep." you explain. "It's fine. You ready?" "yeah." you answer. "You look great!" he says standing up then tripping over the coffee table with a loud bang. You laugh, "You okay, klutz?" "Yep.." he groans standing up.
  7. You two then walk out the front door and get in Michael's beat up car. you look at him noticing for the first time in a while how attractive he really is. His golden hair falls just short of his bright blue eyes, which stand out against his naturally tan skin. "Michael, why don't you have a girlfriend?" He shrugs, "Why dont you have a boyfriend?" he questions. you quickly drop the subject noticing he didn't want to tlk about it. You lean over and turn up the music and start singing along to "Call Me Maybe." Michael groans in complaint, you just turn it up and he laughs and sings with you. You two finally arrive at Riot and get out staring at the large building. You walk in without a hitch and stand for a second letting your eyesadjust to the flashing strobe and the colorful bems that jut around on the dance floor. Michael grabs your hand and leads you into the crowd.
  8. After you guys have spent some time dancing and laughing michael suddenly stops, "I have to pee!" He announces and you laugh, "great to know, go!" you tell hi pushing him away. You watch him as he leaves and you turn around and find a tall, attractive guy staring down at you. He is about 17-18 years old with blue-green eyes and brown hair. he smiles with white teeth, "Hey, Im Christopher." "________" you smile back. "Come here often?" He asks you and you shake your head, "Not really, but me and my friend wanted something differnt than corny 80's movies and popcorn this evening." You joke. "Oh, i understand. Where is she?" he asks meaning your friend. "Oh, He. Michael is in the bathroom." You blush. "Oh! I see, shoulda known an pretty girl like you would have some sort of guy attached." "Oh no.. Michael is just a friend." You laugh and michael comes up behind you, "Yeah... Just friends." He mutters looking at Christopher, "hey." he nods. You notice a little bit of a dark mood settle over the three you, "I'm gonna go get a drink. Be back in a few." You say and quickly disappear. You get up to the drinks and see Matthew sitting in a corner. You smile and wave then get a drink and look back to see if he was still there but he was gone. you look around for him confused then feel a sharp pain and everything is blank white...
  9. You can't see or feel anything but you can hear muffled whispering. You try to focus on the voices but can't understand... It's almsot as if it's a different language. Then, out of nowhere you hear a sharp growl and bark. Silence fills your mind and then everything is black. You can't see or hear anything.
  10. So, you've met Christopher... Matthew... Michael.... Mystery boy. Whose results you wanna see?

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