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  • Michael :) This is great for a first time. A bit cliche but in all, it's beautifully original and I loove all the guys. Michael's cute, goofy and a great best friend. I do wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriends. Glittering blue eyes....naturally tan skin. It was a bit confusing in the Matthew part since I had no idea who he was and I thought you got confused between Michael and Matthew. Then I thought Matthew was mystery guy. But then he's not. I wonder who the mystery guy is ;) Keep it up for part 2.

  • Omg. Really cool and interesting...too good for a first time. I love all the guys and I'm stuck :P hopefully, the next part helps me decide :D

    Hope you continue :3
    You are a pretty goood writer! :o
    Part 2! ^___^

  • Can't wait for part 2!


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