Does a boy like you

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Find out if your crush likes you I'm no genius but I have had many boy experiences they might try to hide it but they are not always good at it so just pay attention to this quiz and you will know

Hope fully by the end of this quiz you will know about this boy and if he likes you maybe you will even work up the Courage to go talk to him or ask him to go hangout sometime

Created by: Taylor

  1. Does he talk to you alot
  2. How does he look at you
  3. Does he whisper with his friends than looks at you
  4. Does he know if u like him
  5. Does he text you alot
  6. Does he ever try to make you laugh
  7. Does he ever blush around you
  8. Are you competitive with him
  9. Does he make up dumb excuses to talk to you
  10. Has he ever told you he likes you

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