Does she like you quiz? (written by a girl)

Does she really like you? Take this quiz to find out! This is written by a girl, and I'm writing from my own experiences. All of these things are things that I do (or make sure not to do!) when I have a crush on a guy.

Figure out how much she likes you, if she even likes you at all. Remember, this quiz isn't 100% accurate. Good luck, and thanks for taking my quiz! Don't forget to rate and comment!:)

Created by: :) Girl
  1. Okay, I'm a girl and I myself have to admit that this is a huge give-away! When you stare at her and she catches you, does she keep on looking back at you after that? (Me: that usually means she's interested, and she's trying to see if you're interested in her!)
  2. Before you had really met her officially, did it ever look like she was following you?
  3. Let's say you are in a classroom setting. She comes in the room and there are 2 seats open. One by you and one by another girl. Where does she sit?
  4. Okay, let's say you are sitting somewhere or talking with your friends. Then she enters the room and notices where you are. Does she stand within 10 feet of you and talk with her friends, but still glance at you often?
  5. If you are good friends... does she ever come up and start conversations with you? If you are not good friends... does she often seem to magically appear near you wherever you are?
  6. Does she ever appear to be fixing her hair or messing with her outfit when she's near you?
  7. Does she ever talk to other boys, and while she's talking she'll look at you, look back at the guy she's talking with, and then act like she's flirting with him? (Or something like this.)
  8. Does she ever stand sort of near you, and talk just loud enough so you can hear?
  9. Does she often use the word "cute" when she is in a conversation with you? (When she's talking about someone other than you- like her sister, or a dog, or babies, or another guy, etc.)
  10. Has she ever called you cute? Or even called your outfit, shoes, or car cute?
  11. Does she ever comment on your outfits? Or your hair or shoes? Or your appearance in general?
  12. Do you ever catch her staring at you?
  13. Does she ever sit near you and text other guys or text her friends about other guys?
  14. Does she ever talk about her celebrity crush when she's around you? Like how cute he is? (Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Liam Hemsworth, Tim Tebow, etc.)
  15. Let's say you are in class. You and another guy are teasing each other. What does she say? (Let's pretend your name is John and the other guy's name is Mark.)
  16. Does she talk about you behind your back with her friends?
  17. Does she laugh at your jokes?
  18. When you are talking, does she look up at you intently?
  19. Has she tried to make friends with your siblings or your friends?
  20. Has she told you she likes you? Have her friends told you she likes you?
  21. Do YOU think she likes you? (I promise this will have no result on your score!) :)

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