doctor who test

there are good sci-fi shows on the air, red dwarf, star trek. but theres one particular show that on 1963 blew peoples brains out with excitement. the main character is a mad man with a box and he picks up new companions on the way. that show, is Doctor Who

are you a doctor who fan? do you love the show? have a go at this quiz and see what your opinion on doctor who REALLY is. so go on, give it a go, or two or three. and enjoy it!

Created by: dylan
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  1. what do you think of doctor who?
  2. do you watch (or try to watch) every episode of doctor who?
  3. how many doctor who toys do you have?
  4. do you have sonic screwdrivers?
  5. have you made your own full size tardis console?
  6. do you have a full size dalek?
  7. do you collect dwa magazine?
  8. have you met any of the actors in the show?
  9. have you been to the doctor who experience?
  10. what do you rate doctor who?

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