Doctor Who Quiz (The eleventh doctor!)

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Many people have heard of Doctor Who, some have seen it, but very few are true fans! Take this quiz to find out if you know your stuff! Also, EXTERMINATE!

My favorite doctor is the eleventh, and I'll be very sad to see him go! Peter Capuldi isn't looking too great, but I'll still tune in for November! Good luck!

Created by: Lacey
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  1. Is the following statement true? Bow-ties are cool!
  2. You see a fezz, what is your immediate reaction?
  3. The Doctor invites you to a lake for a picnic, what do you say?
  4. You're coming home from school, and realize the door is locked. You see a screw-driver on the ground. What do you think?
  5. Is the doctor the only time lord?
  6. OK, take a break!
  7. Blue box?
  8. Blue box?
  9. Stone-Angels!
  10. Fear or faith? What does the monster feed on?

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