which new doctor who doctor are you?

"many people want to know what NEW doctor they are not old well now they can with my quiz there are no personal things just fun and its family friendly

"ARE YOU doctors NINE,TEN,or ELEVEN take the quiz to find out this quiz asks you many things but nothing bad i promise even the five year old can play

Created by: golfer

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  1. a girl try to snub you what do you do?
  2. your about to regenerate whats your new face like?
  3. your friend is dieing what do you do?
  4. you have to take care of a kid its whole life whats its name?
  5. you have to make a new weapon what kind is it?
  6. you meet an alien you've never heard of before what do you do
  7. you have a new pet what is it?
  8. YA a new friend to travel with what are they like
  9. you can create a new species whats their name?
  10. Uh Oh Jacks back and this time he brought a friend whats the first thing you say?

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Quiz topic: Which new doctor who doctor am I?