Doctor Who 9,10,11?

There are many tests out there about whether or not your a whovian. But for those people like me who have only really seen the new series but are crazy about it, here's a test to test your obsession level.

Do you think you know everything about the 9th, 10th, and 11th doctor? Well here's where you can find out. This quiz tests your knowledge about Cristopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith's versions of the doctor. Keep calm and allons-y!

Created by: Emily C:
  1. How old was Amy pond the first time she met the doctor?
  2. Who is the person the doctor and rose took with them after meeting the Dalek in salt lake city?
  3. Which episode is this quote from: the universe is big. It's vast complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes very rarely impossible things just happen and we call them miracles?
  4. In the episode blink, what year is the doctor and Martha transported to.
  5. What is Donna nobles real name?
  6. Which is NOT a Matt smith catch phrase?
  7. In the quote: oh big mistake. Really huge. Didn't someone ever tell you what never to put in a trap... Something you never ever put in a trap. -who would that be sir -me Who says 'who would that be sir'
  8. What was the prophecy to tell when the TENTH doctor would die?
  9. What did the 9th doctor replace jack harness' gun with?
  10. What was the first doorway the doctor found into Madame de pompadour's life?
  11. Finish the quote: is that all I am, rude. Rude and not_________.
  12. True or false: the doctor and river get married.
  13. Who lets Amy out of the pandorica?
  14. Who comes to earth through a crack in Amy's wall?
  15. How many psychiatrists did Amelia Pond have?
  16. What pattern did David tennants pjs have in the Christmas invasion?
  17. What did the 10th doctor say to rose before he regenerated?
  18. Which doctor wears suspenders?
  19. How old is rory before the big bang?
  20. What is the question?

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