do you stereotype?

i think of myself as kirby does that make me gay i love someone i know and they hate me does that make them dumb and me shy to mention my love? WOW neat answers save it for the quiz!

do YOU stereotype? complete 12 questions and you CAN FIND OUT! try your hardest and remember some easy answers are the least stereotyping. also ANSWER TRUTHALY!

Created by: lolsj
  1. i am english do i(just think)
  2. do you hate everyone of something or your own life?
  3. i farted you reply to that sound?
  4. I CAN FLY! i like kids films like beuty and the beast and pinnochio
  5. i like dancing
  6. BFGYJWHGUG im pretty random
  7. i get told to grow up alot your opinion would be one of these?
  8. now this one only loses points! so choose wisely! some person is struggling to hold some bags and they fall over. you think to yourself
  9. someone drinks fanta and dresses in hoodies and tracksuit bottoms you think to yourself
  10. *farts* this question counts for MAX points so choose MEGA wisely! choose an answer below!

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Quiz topic: Do I stereotype?