do you start fights or finish them

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this quiz iz for people who cannot decide wether they start fight end fights or are just plain scary this will help those confused people find out ect,

are you the one who starts the fight the one who ends the fight or are you just a lover of peace and non-violence well find out here find your true fighter or your true peacelover with this quizz.

Created by: meosha

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  1. someone kums up to you and just starts beating da crap out of you you
  2. you wake up in the morning mad for no reason and you see some one you dnt like what do you do
  3. some one gives you a funny look as they pass by and slaps you what do you do...
  4. you are at lunch and someone walks past and knocks down your tray you
  5. you hear dat the person you hate the most just was talking so bad about u to all your frends what do you do
  6. do you like my quiz
  7. is this quiz boring you
  8. will you sign up for facebook
  9. are you a wimp
  10. someone wants to fight you wat do you do??????????????????????????????????????

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Quiz topic: Do I start fights or finish them