hail to the chief

take this quiz. now. yes you, take my quiz, now. well, why arent you moving? take the darn quiz already. it isnt that hard, just click the answers you want and then hit submit and hope you did good.

well, what are you waiting for. direct that mouse on the start button and increae your knowledge about our american history. well..... get to it. i dont have all day. START, START, START!!!!!!!

Created by: jediklives

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  1. who was our first president?
  2. who was our 23 president?
  3. who was our 34 president?
  4. who was our 17 president?
  5. who was our 35 president?
  6. who was our 42 president?
  7. who was our 28 president?
  8. who was our 39 president?
  9. who was our 16 president?
  10. who was our 7 president?

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