Do you ship Shrek X Alex?

Many people hate Shrek x Alex and many people love it. Are you a supporter or a hater? You can come and find out by taking this quiz! Do you love drawing Shrek x Alex?

DO YOU SHIP SHREK X ALEX? If you think so then try the quiz! Do you use your dA account for Shrek x Alex? Yes or no? Just come and find out here. Or do you not ship it at all?

Created by: Pizza Monster

  1. What is your OTP?
  2. Do you ship monarchxalex?
  3. Do you have a dA account?
  4. (if you don't have a dA account answer no for this one) Are you a member of the group "Bulls***Party" on dA?
  5. Are you against Monarch X Alex?
  6. (Answer no if you don't have a dA account) Do you watch any Shrek X Alex supporters?
  7. Do you hate Alex's friends?
  8. Are you always drawing pictures of Shrek X Alex?
  9. Do you like Venture Bros?
  10. Finally, do you think you truly ship Shrek X Alex?
  11. Okay, one more question, do you like trolling Alex?

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Quiz topic: Do I ship Shrek X Alex?