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  • I love this country but it's falling apart. We are losing our greatness. Now that Obama is re-elected, we are in deep $%#@ I wait for the day another Ronald Reagan is president is elected, but until then, I will love this country no matter what.

    Total Ponage
  • My result: You don't vote, can't stand our government! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! You may even have plans to kill our President! Well, You need to really look hard at all you have in this country, please! America, with all it's faults, is an Awesome County!

    Just because I'm not patriotic does not in any way mean that I want to kill the president! I'm just having a tough time at the moment that America is this great country. It has too many faults and may take a turn for the worse. If so, I probably will go somewhere else. And FYI, I do intend to vote.

  • i only luv n like peoples who'd dislike donald trump


    jemah jempot

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