Do you really love anime?

This quiz test you if you cry too anime if you like horror anime and if you know anime at all basically you will see if you truely love anime or not!!

Are you a weeaboo!? Do you have the skills to name anime by their openings? Until know you could only wonder! But thanks to this quiz i made you can find out!

Created by: Tyairnin

  1. What anime was your first anime to watch?
  2. What anime made you cry the most???
  3. Two buttons one takes you to the anime world which is the red button than the other one gives you anything you want but you can't watch anime for the rest of your life which is the blue button
  4. Which anime taught you about love?
  5. Which anime horror show do you like the most?
  6. If you could date any anime character who would you date?
  7. do you lovve anime?
  8. Are you getting bored of this test
  9. Do you like the test so far? (it won't effect your results but it would hurt my feelings as a weeaboo)
  10. what result do you think your gonna get? (doesn't effect your results)
  11. Do you hope you are a weeaboo or otaku?

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Quiz topic: Do I really love anime?