Do you need a diaper change

Hi this quiz will tell you if you’re diaper needs changing or not because this will be helpful I am interested in diapers so I wear them I love diapers

This is my first ever quiz by the way I hope you like my quiz because I spent ages on this I love other diaper quizzes so please respect my opinion on diapers

Created by: Kyle Harrison

  1. Does your diaper feel wet and squishy
  2. Does your diaper feel warm
  3. Do you fell something squishy runny or hard at the back of your diaper
  4. Has someone checked your diaper
  5. Do you feel warm in you’re diaper
  6. How long did you last change your diaper
  7. Who changes your diaper
  8. What was your last diaper like
  9. What do you lie on when you have your diaper changed
  10. What do you lie on when you get your diaper changed in public
  11. What is your favourite diaper

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Quiz topic: Do I need a diaper change

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