What name should you have?

Do you like your name? Do you love your name? Do you hate your name? Everyone has different opinions about their own name. Have you ever considered changing your name? Have you ever wondered what your name should be?

Well, wonder no longer! Take this quiz to see what your name should be. There are many different results. This could actually be a helpful quiz if you're considering changing your name, but you don't no what to change it to. Enjoy the quiz.

Created by: MontyP
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  1. What is your favorite color.
  2. You go to a store and you win a prize. You have a choice between five things. Pick one.
  3. Let's say you picked the book, what book did you pick?
  4. Okay, once you get your book you decide to go and buy something for someone, who do you buy it for?
  5. Once you pick out your gift you feel good about yourself and decide to get yourself something, what do you get?
  6. You go to the front to buy your stuff, you look at the candy and decide to get something, which candy do you get? Doesn't effect you result much.
  7. When you go home you have to go to the bathroom. When you finish you find you have five different soaps, which smell do you pick?
  8. When you get out of the bathroom you look around your house and feel lonely. You think for a minute and then decide to go to the pet shop to get a pet, what do you get?
  9. When you leave the pet shop you take your new pet home. You have to put him some where. You decide to put it in your room. When you're in your room you look at your bed, what color is the blanket?
  10. After you leave your room you realize you're hungry, you decide to go out to eat, where do you go? Doesn't effect result
  11. Let's say you went to McDonalds, what do you get?
  12. When you leave you go home and sleep. Before you sleep you think about your day. For some reason you wonder what your parents SHOULD have named you. Are you ready for the result?

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