All About My Opinions

Hi EVERY 1! Welcome to my quiz! BTW, it is just for fun about my personal opinions. MY username is based on the song Paris NOT 234! I wonder what a song called 234 would be. I'll think.

Ok, you may not score good on this quiz but it isn't baseed on how much you know about my opinions, it's about if you are like me. I only know one person who would have my opinions. Good luck!

Created by: Paris234
  1. Who has the best opinions
  2. What song is the best?
  3. Who out of these is the best?
  4. What is the best day in 2017
  5. What is the best band?
  6. What kind of music is BORING
  7. What is the best activity?
  8. What is the best animal?
  9. What is the best makeup?
  10. What is the best color lipstick?
  11. What is the best food?

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