Do you love studies or hate studies?

Do you love studies?Or you hate it?Studying is interesting if we do it in an enjoying way!But,Sometimes they really bore us.But still they are useful in our whole life.

Take this quiz and you'll know the results.But don't worry if the results are not satisfying because it's just a quiz and the results can be wrong.I know it's not accurate but you can take it for fun?

Created by: Gracious
  1. What do you like to to do when you are free?
  2. In studies you mostly...?
  3. In studies,You take help of...?
  4. Is study a stress for you?
  5. Do you enjoy studying?
  6. Have you ever fell sick because of studies?
  7. Are you sincere in your studies?
  8. You can continuously study ___ hours?
  9. Are you interested in Extra studies?
  10. Are you interested in Practical studies?

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Quiz topic: Do I love studies or hate studies?