Sam's Social Studies Vocab-Quiz (7th Grade-Easy)

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This is just a quick Social Studies intelligent test to see how intelligent you are in Social Studies. I don't really expect allot of people to get the highest score.

This is just a little test to test your intelligence! Good luck and remember that it doesn't really matter what your score is! Oh and also remember to have fun!

Created by: Sam32395
  1. A hemisphere is equal to a(n) _____________ of the Earth.
  2. Geography is the study of the _____________.
  3. What do we call the section of the map that explains the symbols and colors of the map?
  4. The cardinal directions are north, east, south, and west.
  5. What does temperature measure?
  6. What is a rotation?
  7. What word is being defined below? A process that breaks down rocks into small pieces.
  8. Complete the sentence with the correct word: The Moon ______________________ around the Earth.
  9. The crust is the inner most layer of the Earth.
  10. Culture includes what two things?
  11. What is NOT an example of an institution?
  12. Which word or words best completes this sentence? People in a higher __________________________ might drive fancy cars and live in big houses because of how much money they have.
  13. Your grandparents and cousins are examples of your nuclear family.
  14. Which is an example of acculturation?

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