Do You Love Know Anime

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This quiz will test to see if you know anime as well as you thought you know. So if you want to know if you are a weeaboo take this quiz..........bye.

The question will range from My hero Academia or Yuri on ice sorry if you get them wrong but that just mean you need to watch more anime I don't know what else to write so bye...

Created by: Kayla

  1. Who Gave Deku His Quirk
  2. Who Soul Is Attached To A Suit Of Armor
  3. How Many Episode's Of HunterxHunter Is There. 2 answera
  4. How Many Naruto shows/Movies Are There
  5. What Show Is About Ice Skating....
  6. Do You Know Japanese From Anime
  7. What Is Free About
  8. Have You Ever Made Food From Anime
  9. Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Anime Girl/Boy
  10. How Fast Can You Finish An Anime Show

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