do you like minecraft

skip the parting word . ps bird bird bird bird bird bird , bird is the word . like a boss . like a pro . also stop reading this or you will die so bad

do you like minecraft if so i dont care PS no pride in dots so no pride in the " . " or " , " so their is no end also you are probly out of breath lol

Created by: lolkilled4563

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  1. what retro game do you like
  2. do you like to create
  3. do you HATE line runers
  4. do you like tablet , pc , x box , or play station.
  5. are you enjoying this quiz
  6. what is your favorite game world
  7. do you like health
  8. do you like retro games
  9. zombies dont die , true or false
  10. are you a mega mario fan
  11. do you want this to be over
  12. (LAST)have you ever played a adventurer game

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Quiz topic: Do I like minecraft