Do you know Yu gi oh abridged

YU gi oh abridged is one of the greatest internet parodys around. I mean come on, who doesnt think little kuriboh is a genius. His only flaw being he doesn't make them fast enough.

Do you know your stuff, this quiz seperates the newbies from the more knowledgeable. Score well and you're on your way to making a bad rip off of the abridged series like countless others. Good luck...........

Created by: Coby Plain

  1. Why was Kaiba not present at Duelist Kingdom?
  2. What is the name of the airline in crapsule monsters?
  3. What did Pegasus do to Yugis grandpa in the 2nd episosde?
  4. Tristans voice gives him...
  5. Finish this sentence, My hair gives me the ability to...
  6. Where does grandpa live?
  7. Why was joey denied access to dulist kingdom?
  8. Where does bandit keith live
  9. Tristans voice knows....
  10. The millenium ring has ...
  11. Pegasus is
  12. Why / how did pegasus beat Kaiba?
  13. Who is Makio currently dating?
  14. What was the first nickname for Mai Valentine?
  15. who played tristan taylor in the 2nd episode?
  16. Why did kaiba and yugi not duel in episode 36 (in the chopper)
  17. Who does joey think he is?
  18. What is Duke Deveilin's theme song?
  19. Was tristan taylors voice drinking?
  20. What does japanese puberty entail?

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