Do you know your Country songs?

Lots of people listen to country music and enjoy it, but just how much? Do you enjoy it enough that you know all the singers names and songs? Are you a cowboy/cowgirl? Find out if your as clever as you thing when it gets down to it...if not you can a kiss my joe nichols would say!

Can you save a horse and ride a cowboy? Boot scoot boogie? Paint me a birmingham? Maybe not, but can you do exceptionally good on this quiz? Are you as wise as you think when it comes to decifering which country artist sings what? Find out and take my cool quiz!

Created by: Jorie of n/a
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  1. Who sings "Your Man"
  2. Who sings "Size Matters"?
  3. Who sings "Long Slow Kisses"?
  4. Who sings "Amarillo Sky"?
  5. Who sings "Watching You?"
  6. Who sings "Brand New Girlfriend"?
  7. Who sings "Man to Man"?
  8. Who sings "Girls Lie Too"
  9. Who sings "The Shake"?
  10. Who sings "Fore She Was Mama"?
  11. Who sings "Good As Gone"?
  12. Who sings "I Miss My Friend"?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Country songs?