Do you know your Bieber facts?

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This is a quiz to test how mch Bieber Fever you have..I was motivated to make this quiz when I was listening to his music and wondering if there are other girls who know EVERYTHING about him.

Do you know your Bieber facts? Do you, or are you just a hater trying to kill time. Well, all beliebers will LOVE this quiz. I've had fun creating it and you'll have fun taking it.

Created by: Duhh Sunshinee

  1. What is Justin's favorite television show?
  2. When did Justin & Selena START dating?
  3. True or False: Justin Bieber has a fanline that his fans can leave a message on.
  4. What is Justin's favorite video game?
  5. What is Justins(: favorite Slang word?
  6. What is Justin's desktop wallpaper?
  7. What is Justin's favorite number?
  8. Justin get's turned off when a girl wears:
  9. What is Justin's GPA when he went to school?
  10. What toothpaste does he use?
  11. How tall is Justin?
  12. I'm probally a...
  13. Where did Justin get his 1st smooch?
  14. What song did her get his 1st kiss to?
  15. What 2nd language does Justin speak?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Bieber facts?