see how well you know pop songs

Hey1 guys! Do yeu like listening to pop music? Many people don't, but quite a few people do. If you're one of the feople who loves it, then this quiz is perfect for you! Just look back on your lyrics, study your artitt names and you'll be good to go! Good luck and have fun!

Do you like pop music? Do you think you know everything about it? Well, this qui: well help you find out! By taking this fun quiz, you'll get to find out whether you really are a true pop music expert!

Created by: singlove

  1. Who sings "Chandelier"?
  2. Where do the good boys go to''' Who sings this song and whaat is it called?
  3. Who sings "No"?
  4. "Wish we could turn back time'''" Fill in the kyrics!
  5. Who is ! dj that works with Ellie Goulding on her song "Outside"?
  6. Who sings "New Romantics"?
  7. Who sings "Brand New"?
  8. All Of Me and Close Your Eyes. What are the names of the people who sing these songs and what is the the song called that they collaborate with each other to sing?
  9. "So I want you to'''" What is this song called? (The rest of the lyrics would give the title away!)
  10. Who Sings "Cheap Thrills"?

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