How well do you know Ariana Grande songs?

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So hi, my name is Madalyn and I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande. I've went through a couple of artists that have been my favourite and I just listen to there music non-stop until I get sick of them!

First I went through a Charli XCX stage, than Camila Cabelo and now Ariana Grande, however Grande is lasting the longest. I also love Imagine Dragons and Onerepublic. So enjoy the quiz Ariana Grande fans!

Created by: Madalyn pandagrl88

  1. So first of all this does not effect your results but: What is your favourite Ariana Grande song?
  2. Which one of these songs is in the same album as Positions?
  3. The next questions are which song is this line out of. It will be the first line out of the song unless I say so. Choose Break free. (Extra points!) ;)
  4. You might think I'm crazy.
  5. Don't need permission, made my desision, to test my limits.
  6. I'm another f---ing train wreck *sorry for the bad language
  7. Thought I'd end up with Sharn, but it wasn't a match.
  8. From now on I will have the main course written down.Choose any answer but "ok".
  9. This is, the part where I say I don't want it,I'm stronger than I've been before, this is the part when I ***** **** cause I can't resist it no more. ( oh yeah and I blur out if it say the name of the song in the main course)
  10. Can you stay up all night, f--- me to the daylight, ****
  11. So baby come light me up, cause baby I'll let you on it, a little bit dangerous, but baby that's how I want it, a little les conversation and a little more touch my body, cause I'm so **** ***, **** ***, **** ***, got everyone watching us, so baby let's keep a secret, a little bit skindeless, but baby don't let them see it, al title less conversation and a little more touch my body, cause I'm so **** ***, **** ***, **** ***
  12. Did you enjoy this quiz? And please comment to tell me if you liked it or give me feedback.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ariana Grande songs?