How Well Do You Know Justin Bieber :)?

This quiz is to see how well you know Justin Bieber if you take this quiz you can get any possible scores from a 0% to a 100% try your hardest and see if you have Bieber fever.

From 0 to a 100% you never know what kind of score it will be try to do your best and see what score you will get and see how well you know Justin Bieber.

Created by: alyssa

  1. What hospital was Justin born at?
  2. What time was Justin born at?
  3. How old was Justin when he played the drums?
  4. What is Justin's security guard's name?
  5. What is Justin's favorite sport?
  6. What is Justin's dog's name?
  7. What is jb's favorite food?
  8. When is Justin's birthday?
  9. Where does Justin dream of going to?
  10. On jb's my world acoustic how many songs are on there.

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