how much do u know justin bieber.

This is the test that I made well clearly I did. Lolz. Any way this is the second quiz I've made. I made this to see if u know a lot a bout him because I know ever thing possible about him.

This is going to be fun if u haven't already bought his albums my world 2.0 and my world u should buy them. They both have amazing songs on them. Hope u have fun listening to it.

Created by: dasha
  1. What's his favorite color.
  2. What's his favorite candy.
  3. How old is he.
  4. What's his middle name.
  5. What was his first hit song.
  6. Is he hot.
  7. Does he flirt a lot.
  8. Where was he discovered.
  9. is he single.
  10. Where was he born and raised.
  11. What is his favorite clothing.
  12. What his favorite cereal.
  13. What was his first album called
  14. What is his second album called.
  15. Was this quiz cool.

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