do you know taylor swift lyrics

they are many taylor swift fans but a few are the real taylor swift fans the who se the message are can tell who she broke up but the question is are you a taylor swift fan

are you a taylor swift do u have her music in your brain instead of the internet power in this quiz is the music of taylor swift you can all or you can get all right it your choice

Created by: fancy
  1. i knew you were______when you______in
  2. it feels like one of those __________we dress up like _________
  3. she wheres_________i were__________shirts
  4. he so tall and handsome as_______hes so bad he does it so___________
  5. it going to be__________or its going down in____________
  6. i __________ it off ________ it off
  7. you were ________ youre throwing ________
  8. bandas don't fix_________holes if you live like that you live with_________
  9. i heard you been out with some other________some other________
  10. we are ________ ever getting back________
  11. that all for 2day
  12. will u comment doesn't effect
  13. will u rate doesn't effect
  14. do u think you know taylor swift

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Quiz topic: Do I know taylor swift lyrics